Key To Markets provide its clients with the possibility of trading by its FIX API (Application Programming interface).

Advanced developers, Quant traders using their proprietary algorithms and black boxes can easily connect to our server and use our FIX (Financial Information Exchange) price data feeds.

A robust integration and the very light protocol provide our traders with:

  • A direct connection with our institutional liquidity providers.
  • Lower latency.
  • Improved fill rates.
  • Dedicated MT4 coverage account to:
    • Hedge your positions.
    • Controlling scripts.
    • Integrate your trading with expert Advisors.

Key To Markets FIX API requirements:

  • 5000 € minimum deposit.
  • Minimum 500 lots RT per month, otherwise a fee of 500€ is applied.

500€ will be retained at the beginning of the period.

What is the FIX API?

The FIX protocol is an electronic communications protocol developed for the real-time exchange of trade-related information.

The FIX protocol allows you to avoid the use of intermediation software and to directly access the market with your own programs.

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