Energy Trading

Energy Trading

Key to Markets makes 3 different Energy Products available for trading with NO dealing desk executions. We aim to provide the same level of reliability and low latency conditions offered on the Forex Market.

You can buy or short sell  WTI, Brent and Natural Gas

Contract Details

Symbol Instrument  Min Trade Margin Target spread Pip Value CFD Type Trading Hours (GMT) Break Time (GMT)
WTI US WTI Crude Oil 1 0.5% 0.04 $0.1 Rolling Spot Sun 23:00 – Thur 22:00

Thur 23:00 – Fri 21:45

 from 22:00 until 23:00
BRENT Ice Brent Crude Oil 1 0.5% 0.04 $0.10 Rolling Spot Sun 01:00 – Thur 22:00

Fri 01:00 –  21:55

 from 22:00 until 01:00
NGAS Natural Gas 1 1% 0.02 $0.10 Rolling Spot Sun 23:00 – Thur 21:59

Thur 23:00 – Fri 21:55

 from 21:59 until 23:00

Expiring CFDs definition
Expiring CFDs expire one day prior to the official exchange expiration. At that time, open positions will be automatically closed and all those pending (stop/limit) will be also deleted. New contracts will be available after the closure of the Expiring CFD.  Below you can find details about the expiration schedule:

WTI(2017) BRENT (2017) NATURAL GAS (2017)
Contract Month Exchange Expiration KTM Expiration Contract Month Exchange Expiration KTM Expiration Contract Month Exchange Expiration KTM Expiration
January 20-Dec 19-Dec February 29-Dec 28-Dec January 28-Dec 27-Dec
February 20-Jan 19-Jan March 31-Jan 30-Jan February 27-Jan 26-Jan
March 21-Feb 20-Feb April 28-Feb 27-Feb March 24-Feb 23-Feb
April 21-Mar 20-Mar May 31-Mar 30-Mar April 29-Mar 28-Mar
May 20-Apr 19-Apr June 28-Apr 27-Apr May 26-Apr 25-Apr
June 20-May 19-May July 31-May 30-May June 26-May 25-May
July 20-Jun 19-Jun August 30-Jun 29-Jun July 28-Jun 27-Jun
August 20-Jul 19-Jul September 31-Jul 28-Jul August 27-Jul 26-Jul
September 22-Aug 21-Aug October 31-Aug 30-Aug September 29-Aug 28-Aug
October 20-Sep 19-Sep November 29-Sep 28-Sep October 27-Sep 26-Sep
November 20-Oct 19-Oct December 31-Oct 30-Oct November 27-Oct 26-Oct
December 20-Nov 17-Nov Jan-2018 30-Nov 29-Nov December 28-Nov 27-Nov
Jan-2018 19-Dec 18-Dec Feb-2018 28-Dec 27-Dec Jan-2018 27-Dec 26-Dec

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