ECN Technology

ECN Technology

Key to Markets brings the power of the ECN Technology to your MetaTrader 4

ECN stands for : “Electronic Communication Network”. This Network is built on a centralised software in order to connect brokers, traders and liquidity providers without  any intervention of middlemen. During the past few years, ECN Technology radically changed the quality, reliability and transparency of brokerage services, giving rise to a new trading experience where brokers work alongside traders creating synergies and win-win strategies.

ECN: give power to your trading

Trading with an ECN broker can make the difference. Key to Markets works hard to provide the traders with the best ECN MT4 available on the market. So why do we believe that the ECN technology is your best choice?

Price Transparency

With Key to Markets, you will get access to a deep aggregated liquidity pool where prices are transparent and spreads always highly competitive with NO hidden cost added to your executions.

NO Market Making

With Key to Markets, your trades are executed directly into the real market with no filters or intermediaries at all. With our ECN MetaTrader 4 you can trade without limitations and even scalping strategies are allowed with NO restrictions. Raw Market spreads are just one of our strong features

Lightning Executions

With our own dedicated servers, we make your trading experience fast and secure, You can execute in a blink of an eye. Your MT4 has never been so fast before

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