Educational | September 1, 2020

PAMM Manager Account: Start your own Hedge Fund

Key To Markets PAMM Manager account

Do you have a profitable trading system and you are looking to raise capitals and earn performance fees?

Do you already manage the accounts of some friends and you need a better system to do it?

The solutions is to use our innovative PAMM system.

What is a PAMM account?

A PAMM account, also known as Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a software application which allows traders to pool their funds and invest them under the management of a professional trader.

The Money Manager will then trade on the Master account and every hour (we call it “Rollover“) the system will calculate the Net Asset Value (NAV) and will distribute the profits to the investors’s accounts.

Which are the advantages of trading with a PAMM account?

The PAMM Manager account has many advantages such as:

  • Light and effective software to manage inflow and outflow of funds/clients.
  • Flexible fee structure such as:
    • Entry fee.
    • Management fee.
    • Performance fee.
    • Exit fee.
  • The investors cannot see the exact entry/exit points of the Master account.
    The system only distribute the Profits/losses without showing all the details of your trades, so the Investors cannot copy the strategy on other accounts.
  • Hourly NAV calculation.
  • Innovative and advanced live report with:
    • Historical chart of the used leverage
    • Daily Return Volatility
    • Recovery factor
    • Average Geometric return
    • Sharpe ratio
    • Much more

  • A personal Link to advertise your PAMM account.
  • Possibility to make your PAMM account public and get new funds without any effort.
    Key To Markets constantly advertise the public PAMM page bringing new funds to our professional money managers.

  • If you don’t want to make your PAMM account public you will be provided with a special password used by your private investors to join your fund still enjoying the flexibility of our web PAMM platform.

How to create a PAMM Manager account

The process to invest in a PAMM account is very easy and fast.

  1. Open a regular Key To Markets live account.
  2. Contact our Accounts department using the form in your new private area.
  3. We will set up your 2 new PAMM accounts:
    1. Money Manager (Master Trading) Account where all the funds will pool.
    2. Commission Account where all the fee will be paid to you will go which you can withdraw directly.
  4. Start trading.


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