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Metals Trading

Key to Markets makes 3 different Metals available for trading with NO dealing desk executions. We aim to provide the same level of reliability and low latency conditions as those offered in the Forex Market.

You can buy or short sell  Gold, Silver and Copper.

Gold Trading

When it comes to precious Metals Trading, gold is considered the most popular investment. Traders often buy or short sell gold in order to diversify their risk. Gold is used by traders both for hedging strategies and/or speculation thanks to the high volatility of its price.


The price of gold is driven by 5 main factors

1) Central Banks and monetary funds

2) Jewelry and industrial demand

3) Hedge against financial stress and government default

4) Gold jewelry recycling

5) War, invasion, and other national emergencies

With the introduction of CFDs on Gold, traders have the opportunity to trade leveraged Gold CFDs by investing less capital compared to futures contracts.

Silver Trading

Even if investing in Silver is not as popular as Gold, some traders like to diversify their risk buying or short selling silver contracts.Silver CFDs are also very appealing as their price tends to be more volatile compared to Gold hence creating more trading opportunities.

Furthermore, there are many "interesting pair trading" or "spread trading" strategies used to bet on the variation of the gold/silver ratio.


The price of silver is driven by 3 main factors

1) Traders and Institutional Investor opening or closing large positions

2) Industrial, commercial and consumer demand

3) Hedge against financial stress and governament default

 Copper Trading

Copper is considered one of the most important metals for industrial production; fundamental for urban modernization. The price of copper is extremely volatile and for this reason, investors from all over the world add copper to their trading strategies for speculative purposes.

The price of copper is driven by 3 main factors

1) Emerging markets demand

2) Health of the home building Industry

3) Supply disruption

4) Use of substitute

Contract Details

Symbol Contract Min Trade Margin spread Pip Value CFD Type Trading Hours (GMT) Break Time (GMT)
XAUUSD Gold 0.01 1% from 0.1 $1 Rolling Spot Sun 22:05 - Fri 22:00 None 
XAGUSD Silver 0.01 1% from 0.1 $1 Rolling Spot Sun 22:00 - Fri 22:00 None
COPPER Copper 1 1% 0.004 $0.1 Expiring  Sun 22:00 - Fri 20:45  from 21:00 until 22:00


Rolling Spot CFDs Rules

Rolling spot CFDs never expire: they follow the same rules applied to the FX currency pairs with only one exception: the margin required to open a position is fixed (1%).


Expiring CFDs Rules

Expiring CFDs expire one day prior to the official exchange expiration. At that time, open positions will be automatically closed and all those pending (stop/limit) will be also deleted. New contracts will be available after the closure of the Expiring CFD.  Below you can find details about the copper CFDs expiration schedule:


Contract month Exchange expiration KTM expiration
March  29 Feb 26 Febr
May  29 Apr 28 Apr
June 31 May 20 May