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EA Code Programming

 You may have some idea about building an automated strategy, but not the skills and/or the spare time to develop the code with a particular programming language.

If this is the case then Key to Markets can assist you by leveraging our trusted developers who have extensive knowledge of the financial markets and specific experience in developing automated trading systems using different programming languages such as MQL, .NET and C#.

Once you have put down on paper a clear draft of your desired strategy you can get in touch with us for further guidance and we will be happy to suggest the most appropriate technology solution, programming language and platform to go ahead with your project. Our Team will assist you throughout the entire project development: coding, debugging, backtesting, implementation and also marketing if desired.

Key to Markets understands your concerns about privacy and confidentiality of your intellectual property; therefore you will be legally protected by a Non Disclosure Agreement.

To discover more about MQL programming you can participate in the Key to Markets Forum