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MT4 Tutorials

Key to Markets created a playlist of MT4 video tutorials uploaded to the Company YouTube channel .

Here below you can watch our MetaTrader 4 video Tutorials 


MetaTrader 4: How to Install

A fast Tutorial for your first MetaTrader 4 Installation (for Windows PC)


MetaTrader 4: How to Log in

A fast tutorial for your first MetaTrader 4 Log in


MetaTrader 4: How to Change the Password

If you need to change your MetaTrader 4 password, please watch the video tutorial here below 


MetaTrader 4: How to Save the Profile

If you need to save your MetaTrader 4 custom profile, please watch the video tutorial here below



MetaTrader 4: One Click Trading 

MetaTrader 4 Tutorial for the One Click Trading Feature.
The "One click trading" option allows performing trade operations with a single mouse click without additional confirmation from the trader