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Forex Market History

Forex trading started many centuries ago with the first exchanges in currencies. In fact, the exchange of currencies has increased over time thanks to the exponential growth in the financial environment....

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What is Forex

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with a daily cash flow for over 3 trillion U.S. dollars: the estimated volume is well over three times the total amount of the stocks and futures markets combined. Forex (FX) is the over-the-counter (OTC) global market...

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Pros & Cons

High liquidity: this point represents maybe the strongest characteristics of the currency market. In fact ,Forex represents the largest market in the world in which currencies are simultaneously, generating a cash flow of approximately $4 trillion each...

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Participants in the FX market

Forex is an OTC market and there is no clearing house or exchange where orders are matched. Geographically speaking, the major trading centres around the world are...

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ECN Broker, Spread and Commissions

ECN Electronic Communication Network

ECN, also known as Electronic Communication Network, is an automated system, or trading platform that matches buyers and sellers...

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Spread Definition

The spread is the difference between bid and ask prices. This represents the compensation dealers expect for taking a risk of buying a selling a financial instrument. ECN brokers (Electronic Communication Network) collect the best price feeds from a few investment banks and aggregate these together in order to show the best bid or offer. They charge their clients a commission instead of marking up the raw spreads, by doing so they give clients competitive and transparent prices...

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Pips e Ticks

The pip is the smallest incremental price movement a currency pair can do. It’s the last decimal point in exchange rates or currency pairs. Normally one point is equivalent to 0.0001 for the following currencies pairs: EUR/USD, GBD/USD, USD/CHF and equivalent to .01 in USD/JPY...

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Orders in the Forex market

Market Order

A market order represents the basic type of trade order and it is used to buy or sell a currency pair at the preferred price. Securities are bought at the ASK price and sold at the BID price. If the trader absolutely needs to open or to close a long/short position, a market order is the quickest method of accomplishing this...

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Pending Order

A pending order allows traders to buy and sell securities at a fixed price in the future. This type of order is triggered when the price reaches the price level selected in the order. The order will not be filled if price does not reach this level. There are four types of pending orders available on the MetaTrader4 platform...

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The platform

 Here we will analyse how to utilize the MT4 platform in the event you have never used MetaTrader4.

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Historical data

Few simple steps how to get historical data in you metatrader.

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Customized template

Understand how to open new charts using personalized default chart settings

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